Why grooming over winter is a must!
Grooming over the winter months is important to your dogs health as at any other time of the year. Long, wet and matted hair quickly makes for a cold, wet and infection susceptible dog. Fur that is matted doesn’t insulate or provide warmth. Instead it can cause discomfort, pain, hot spots and may even lead to infections under the skin.
Keeping your dogs feet in great shape is also important over the winter months. Nails naturally wear down from walks outside but this is often reduced in the colder months. Trimming the fur around the paw pads helps to stop accumulated hair from matting and trapping moisture which can cause infections and sore irritated feet.
Some dog owners believe that giving a dog a haircut in winter is detrimental to its health. This maybe the case with outside dogs as they won’t have the long fur and thick undercoat to rely on but those kept indoors will benefit from a clean and knot free coat. If you are concerned about your dog feeling the cold when outside, discuss a longer length trim on your arrival with our groomers or chat to the staff in the shop about a doggie coat/sweater.